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I am a new Author. I am working hard to promote my book in every possible way. My book, "A Tale Of Dreams" is very special. It is for children ages 9-13. The main Characters in my book are the names of my Grandchildren. The hero of the story is Cameron. The reason I made him the hero is that at nine years old, he is my hero. He was born deaf and by the grace of faith, the doctors were able to restore his hearing by age one. When he was three, we discovered that he had a brain tumor. He suffered from terrible headaches until he was seven when the tumor was finally gone. He had many surgeries. He is the bravest guy I know. This book was written after I wrote a shorter version to read to my Grandchildren. They loved it and so my Junior novel was born. The story is a fantasy adventure that teaches children the importance of taking care of our world and our fragile eco-system. The terrible Trolls are the bad guys that pollute our world with their nasty factories that produce plastics. I have also created a Book Club for kids to join to see the books character images. I am also working on a kids blog so they can interact with ideas to change the world. Thank you for reading.
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My Books 2018

Once You Were Gone

A thriller/romance novel.

A Romantic Thriller

If you love mystery and suspense with a heavy dose of romance, then you’re in for a page turning thrill! This is a heart wrenching book with more heart-stopping twists and turns than a roller coaster! You will fall in love with Mary, she is a sweet and loving little girl that was born into a wealthy family in Charleston, South Carolina. Mary’s Mother reportedly dies in childbirth after suffering the shock of her husband’s involvement with the mob and gambling. Donald disappears after embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from the family business. Theresa is sent to New York to have her baby in secrete to save the family from the scandal of it all. Grace, her sister takes the baby to raise after Theresa’s death. Grace gives Mary everything, a fancy home, clothes, a Nany and tutor, everything except for love and kindness. Aunt Grace can’t stand the sight of the red-haired girl that looks like her father and reminds her of the sudden and tragic death of her beloved sister, Theresa. James and Julia fall in love with Mary. She is Julia’s sad little student. Julia can see that Mary needs love and guidance. There is something special about the young girl and she is immediately intrigued by her. Julia wonders why she had never seen her in school before. Mary had been tutored at home and away from other children. Julia takes the child under her wing. It’s not long until Mary becomes part of their family and visits their home every day after school. When James finds bruises on the young girl things get heated. They go to police and make a report against the towns most connected and wealthy woman. This sets off a series of events that leads to the kidnapping of Mary. Who could have taken the girl and why? Mary disappeared one evening as she walked through the woods leading from Julia’s to her Aunt’s house. She never made it. The entire town searched the woods only to find a temporary campsite. The foot prints left behind were that of a man and woman. The story is only just beginning and ends with a shocking turn of events that will have you blind-sided.

A Tale of Dreams

Was It A Dream or Was It Real?

My book is for preteens it is a fantasy adventure that includes a free book club for kids where they can actually visit to see pictures of the characters in the story. The book has a moral that teaches kids the value of taking care of our planet's eco-system through an exciting tale that takes readers on a journey to save Dreamland, where fairies and other fantasy characters live in peace until the Terrible Trolls invade polluting the land with their factories that manufacture plastics. Kids will love the characters. I recommend the story for older kids because there is some violence.

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